Special Group Life Plans

Group Mortgage Protection

Jubilee Life’s Group Mortgage Protection plan is designed to provide protection to the banks/Company’s borrower against the death of individuals who have procured mortgage under the banks/Company’s Mortgage Loan Scheme. Upon the death of the insured Jubilee Life will pay to the bank/Company the outstanding loan amount.

Depositor’s Insurance

This Plan is designed for the depositors/ Account Holders of the bank. In case of death of a depositor/ Account Holder, Jubilee Life will pay the amount equivalent or multiply the account balance to the beneficiary.

Credit Shield

Credit Shield is specially designed to provide financial protection to the cardholder of the bank. Under this plan, in case the cardholder dies or suffers permanent disability, Jubilee Life will pay the balance amount of the cardholder to the bank.

Disclaimer: The above plans give a general outline of the available benefits. For further plan details and eligibility criteria you may consult our Corporate Insurance Department.

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