Investing money can be a bewildering experience even for those with a good understanding of financial markets and funds. But at the same time leaving that money in the bank only means that due to inflation and the depreciation of the rupee, your savings are in fact shrinking every single day. But there is a solution. Jubilee Life now gives you the ability to put your money to work and your mind at ease – all at the same time.

We give you the ability to choose the kind of investments you want to make and offer you unparalleled flexibility and transparency when it comes to making those investments.

Fund Management

Our funds are managed by expert investment managers and are backed by premium securities with a view to optimize medium to long term returns balanced with risk. The premiums paid are invested in fund(s) of your choice and units are allocated depending on the price of units for the fund(s). The value of your policy is the total value of units that you hold in the fund(s).

Flexibility to Choose Your Investment Strategy

We offer you the flexibility to manage your investments. You can either allocate the entire premium into one of the funds or split your premium between multiple funds that are available. Subsequently, depending on the performance of funds, you can switch between funds.

Please Note:

  • Four free switches are allowed every policy year.
  • Splitting of Meesaq Balanced Fund with other funds and vice versa is not allowed because of difference in the nature of investments made under these funds.
  • Each fund & insurance plan is technically different from the other. You may contact our sales representatives for the appropriate fund selection of your unit linked plans.

Jubilee Life Balanced Fund

The objective of this fund is to maximize capital appreciation by investing in a balanced portfolio of wide range of shares, government and other fixed income securities and other cash deposits.

Jubilee Life Government Securities Fund

This fund has been formed to enable Jubilee Life’s policyholders to participate in a diversified portfolio of fixed income securities with minimal exposure to equity. Jubilee Life Government Securities Fund is suitable for those who wish to earn steady returns on investments through full exposure to debt securities and minimum risk of capital erosion.

Jubilee Life Aggressive Fund

The objective of the fund is to maximize returns to policyholders by investing in a diverse portfolio of asset-backed investments such as shares, term finance certificates and bank deposits.

Meesaq Balanced Fund

The objective of the Meesaq Balanced Fund is to provide an opportunity to investors who want Interest Free returns. The instruments in which the Meesaq Balanced Fund invests are selective Stocks, Sukuk Bonds, Short Term Deposits of Islamic Banks, Islamic Mutual Funds and fixed income funds of Islamic Banks and other valid interest-free investments.