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Life is full of ups and down and financial security is the key to have a stable and secure future for you and your loved ones. All you need is a plan that will provide you with steady and risk free returns to ensure financial safety in case of occurrence of any unpredictable event.

Jubilee Life Insurance brings to you “Amanat Plan” which will provide you with returns for a fixed period of time for you to be prepared to overcome any uncertainty. This plan overall aims to offer you with benefits like guaranteed protection and maturity in order safeguard you and your family from any unforeseen circumstances.

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Life is a means of preparing for the future and making good financial decisions while you’re still earning money to ensure your family’s security above everything so that you don’t get caught off guard.

Jubilee Life Insurance brings to you “Taqdeer Plan” specifically designed to give you fixed returns and bonus amount on maturity within a set amount of time allowing you to be prepared to face any uncertainty. The aim of this plan is to provide you with the benefits of guaranteed protection, maturity topping up with bonus on retaining the policy for maximum number of years.

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Smart Protection Plan

Financial security can set your mind at peace and safeguard you from the stresses of life in the future. The key to financial freedom is providing your family with the safety and security they need to thrive in this world.

Jubilee Life Insurance introduces “Smart Protection Plan” which aims to provide you with the benefit of guaranteed protection. The primary purpose of this plan is to provide you with consistent returns and maturity bonus while also keeping you and your family safe against unanticipated events.

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