Insurance Plans

Life Insurance.

What do those two words mean to you?
Do they make you think that you’ll be making payments for your entire life in the hope that your family will be secure if, God forbid, something were to happen to you? Well, we won’t lie to you. That is part of what life insurance is about. But it’s only a part, and at Jubilee Life Insurance it’s a very small part of what we do.

Individual Life Insurance

At Jubilee Life Insurance, our mission isn’t just to provide you with end-of-life security...


Imagine if you had a one-stop shop for all your banking, insurance and financial needs? Well...

Micro Insurance

Over 30% of Pakistan’s population lives in poverty, and that number is only likely to go up...

Corporate Insurance

Corporate Life Insurance brings with it multiple offerings. Not only is it a legal requirement...

Online Insurance

Get Online Insurance in few clicks, easy and hassle free process. Get insurance ...

Family Takaful

Takaful is an Islamic Insurance system, an alternative of conventional insurance wherein...