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Bank Alfalah Limited stands among the prime banks operating in Pakistan having a widely spread network of 406 branches. Strengthened with the banking of the Abu Dhabi Group and driven by the strategic goals set out by its board of management, the Bank has invested in revolutionary technology to have an extensive range of products and services.

Jubilee Ujala Insurance Plan

True contentment is seeing your loved ones happy and protected. While life may be full of ups and downs that seem unavoidable, the ability to secure your family from financial distress in the future is definitely a smart option.

The ‘Jubilee Ujala Insurance Plan’ is a perfect step forward to achieve this assuredness in your life by benefiting from optimized returns on savings and investments. This plan will offer you the opportunity to invest your money wisely today and hopefully give your kin a brighter tomorrow.

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Jubilee Mukammal Savings and Insurance Plan

Life rewards those who carefully and wisely plan their future. Whether it’s planning to reside in a comfortable home or to get your children an education that they deserve, it includes making important decisions with one’s wealth.

That’s why the Jubilee Mukammal Savings and Insurance Plan offers you the chance to secure your family’s happiness by making sure that your hard-earned savings receive the optimized returns needed to aid you and your loved ones when the time comes.

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Jubilee Azmat Health Insurance Plan

Good health is a blessing and a privilege to possess. It’s important to value it, but also to not take it for granted. In case of any unforeseen events, you owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to have the best healthcare treatment available at your side. That is why Jubilee Life has introduced Jubilee Azmat Health Insurance Plan.

This Plan aims at providing the insured with top-of-the-line Inpatient Hospitalization and making sure that you can live stress free knowing that your healthcare needs have been secured.

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kafeel - Jubilee insurance
Jubilee Kafeel Plan

Planning well can keep you well. Because life should be about experiences and time spent with loved ones. With the Jubilee Kafeel Plan, you can be prepared for medical emergencies and other treatments.

Offering different levels of service, the Jubilee Kafeel Plan helps you plan for unforeseen medical expenses and provides a death benefit which will be payable to the beneficiaries.

Stay prepared, stay ready. And most of all, stay well.

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Kohsar jubilee ad
Jubilee Kohsar Plan

Life is all about goals – be it having a well-furnished house, educating your children or taking your family on a holiday.

With Jubilee Life’s Jubilee Kohsar Plan, move ahead with comfort as this plan is exclusively designed to provide you with life and health insurance needs along with optimized returns on your savings/investments made towards this plan.

So go ahead and plan. We can help you reach your goals.

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Rahat ad

Behind every success, there is a woman.

We stand with you, no matter what role you play. Be it entrepreneur, a mother or a daughter, we understand your needs. With that in mind we present Jubilee Rahat Savings and Protection – designed exclusively for you with Jubilee Life Insurance. This is an insurance plan that is tailored to your needs. The plan allows you to invest for yourself or your loved ones and secure a bright future no matter what comes.

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Sahara - Bank Alfalah - Bancassurance | Jubilee Life Insurance
Jubilee Sahara Plan

Retirement is that stage of life when you want to live your dreams, spend comfortable and relaxed life with your loved ones, free of all the worries. However it may also be a time of financial anxiety as sources of income become limited and expenditures multiply.

Jubilee Life presents you Jubilee Sahara Plan to help you save for joyful and comfortable retirement and fund the lifestyle you want in retirement. Jubilee Sahara Plan is a unit-linked endowment plan that acts as a protective cover while you save for your retirement, and provides you with regular pensions once you retire.

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Rida - Bank Alfalah - Bancassurance | Jubilee Life Insurance
Jubilee Rida Plan

Birth of a daughter brings lots of joy and excitement in our lives. But with the excitements and wonderments comes responsibilities. It is important to give her not only your attention and love but also security and protection through a disciplined financial strategy. It may seem as if you have plenty of time before you’ll need to think about paying for her college or getting her married but now is possibly the best time to start saving for her future. If you start saving early, you could be making a great investment in your daughter’s future.

Jubilee Life offers you Jubilee Rida plan to help you arrange a dream wedding for your daughter and ensure that your loved ones stay financially secure in your absence. It is a life insurance product specially designed as a savings tool to provide your child secure benefits and valuable protection in case you are not around.

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Roshni - Bank Alfalah - Bancassurance | Jubilee Life Insurance
Jubilee Roshni Plan

As parents, we all dream about fulfilling our child’s dreams and aspirations. We strive to ensure that we provide them the best of everything – a good life, good education, and finally a splendid wedding.

Jubilee Life presents Jubilee Roshni Plan to safeguard your child’s education and ensure that your loved ones stay financially secure in your absence. It is a life insurance product specially designed as a savings tool to provide your child flexible educational benefits.

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