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Allied Bank Limited is the first bank to be established in Pakistan. With over 70 years of experience, the Bank has built itself a foundation with a strong equity, assets and deposit base. The Bank has a large network of over 1100 online branches in Pakistan and offers various technology-based products and services to its diverse clientele.

Allied Bank in partnership with Jubilee Life brings exclusively designed insurance products for its customers in order to fulfil their saving and protection needs.

ABL Asaan Zindagi - Jubilee life
Jubilee Asaan Zindagi

With this retirement plan, you can live with pride and dignity without compromising on your living standards by ensuring financial protection as your income starts to subside with ever rising cost of living. Not only does it provide ample regular income but also protection against unexpected events such as your untimely death.

Jubilee Life Insurance in collaboration with Allied Bank Limited offers Jubilee Asaan Zindagi to put you in control of your future as time goes on with the flexibility of picking the right protection level and investment option.

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Jubilee Virasat Plan

As parents, safeguarding our children’s future can be the most important thing we can do for them. By ensuring that their dreams can be fulfilled and are protected against all uncertainties, you can live a peaceful and stress free life, and provide them with the best possible education and marriage according to their wishes.

Jubilee Life Insurance in collaboration with Allied Bank Limited presents Jubilee Virasat Plan which provides dual benefit of life insurance protection and steady returns to your investments.

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