How can I make changes in policy benefits & values?

At every Policy Anniversary (the yearly dates following the commencement date of the policy) you can make changes (alterations) in benefits of your Policy such as:

  • Attachment / detachment of a Supplementary Benefit (Rider)
  • Enhancement / decrease in the Sum Assured and / or Rider values
  • Increase / decrease in the Premium amount
  • Change in the Premium Payment Mode (Payment Frequency) (Annual, Semi-annual, Quarterly, Monthly)
  • Change from Non-indexed values to Indexed values or vice-versa (Partial Indexation is also an option)

Step 1

It is advisable to consult your Service Person (mentioned at the right bottom corner of the Renewal Letter) for assistance while requesting for alterations in Benefits & Values of the Policy.

Following documents are required to be completed and submitted. Please ensure that all documents and forms are signed by you as per signature affixed by you on your Policy’s original Proposal Form:

  • Endorsement Request Form (ERF)
  • Declaration of Health and Occupation (DHO) Form
  • Revised Endorsement Illustration
  • Original Policy DocumentsChanges can only be incorporated if the Policy is in-force with all premiums paid and are subject to re-underwriting (re-evaluation) of the risk by Jubilee Life Insurance. Medical tests & Reports may be called to assess and re-evaluate the altered risk. Reinstatement Form (RF) needs to be completed and submitted if the Policy stands lapsed for more than a year.

Step 2

The Original documents & forms (hardcopy) properly completed, signed and witnessed along with the Premium Cheque must be sent to:

Customer Experience Department- Head Office

Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited,
74/1-A, Lalazar, M.T. Khan Road,
Karachi – 74000,
Telephone: (021 ) 35205095
Fax: 021-35610959

Step 3

Once all due requirements are completed to the satisfaction of the Company, the Company considers your request for endorsement and if approved, policy benefits & values are changed and an Endorsement to Standard Policy Conditions is issued, which is sent to you at your mailing address through Courier / Registered Mail.

Step 4

Renewal Acknowledgement Letter, Final Receipt and Policy’s Unit Report (for Unit-Linked policies only) would be sent to you through courier a week later.