How can I reinstate my policy?

Reinstatement means the reinforcement of all benefits and values of a Policy which lapsed due to non-payment of renewal premium or which was in-force under the Non-Forfeiture or Paid Up Provision of the Standard Policy Conditions of the Policy.

A 30 (Thirty) Days grace period is provided for premium payments, i.e. if you pay your premium within 30 days after the date the premium falls due, your Policy would be renewed without additional requirements or charges .However should you pay your premium after the 30 Days grace period, then, please follow instructions below to revive your lapsed policy:

Step 1

Fill up the application for Declaration of Health and Occupation (DHO). If the premium is paid 90 days after the due date in addition to Declaration of Health and Occupation (DHO), the current applicable Reinstatement Fee would also be charged / deducted.

Step 2

You will need to provide complete details along with related documents.

Step 3

The form needs to be duly signed by the life insured and the policy holder, if the policy holder is different from the life insured.

Step 4

The Original DHO form (hard copy) properly completed, signed and witnessed along with the Premium Cheque (with or without late fees as applicable) must be sent to:

Customer Experience Department – Head Office
Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited,
74/1-A, Lalazar, M.T. Khan Road,
Karachi – 74000, Pakistan,
Telephone: (021 ) 35205095
Fax: 021-35610959

Step 5:

Your health & occupation meeting underwriting criteria, the Policy would be renewed and about a week later the Renewal Acknowledgement Letter, Final Receipt and Policy’s Unit Report (for Unit-Linked policies only) would be sent to you through courier


  • Kindly ensure that the DHO form is signed by you as per signature affixed by you on your Policy’s original Proposal Form.
  • Kindly note that we can only renew Policies where not more than 3 years annualized premiums are due. If more than one year’s annualized premium is due then kindly complete and submit a Reinstatement Form (RF) (besides DHO and Reinstatement Fee).
  • Your interests are best served if you pay your Policy’s renewal premium by the Due Date.