Will there be any deduction applicable on my claim by insurance company?

On high value imported vehicles, 1% excess is applicable. This means, that if the vehicle is worth Rs.5,000,000/-, any claim upto the value of Rs. 50,000/- will not be payable. If the claim is for suppose Rs.56,000/-, Rs.50,000/- will be deducted and the remaining will be payable. Standard depreciation is also applicable on parts and shall be deducted accordingly.

In case of an accident, how do I lodge my claim?

You can lodge your claims through the claim portal on www.jubileegeneral.com.pk/index.php/main-claims-2/ticket or call 021-111-654-111

Who are the approved Tracking companies?

Following are the approved panel of Tracking Companies:

  1. TPL Trakker Ltd. (C-track)
  2. Star Technologies
  3. Trafco Trackings
  4. Sky Track (4B Solutions Pvt Ltd)
  5. Megatech Trackers Pvt Ltd

I already have a tracker installed, can I avail this facility on my car policy?

If your tracker is from our approved panel of tracking companies, than you may avail this facility

Is tracker installation part of my car insurance plan?

No. having said that, if your vehicle is a variant of Toyota, Mehran, Cuore or a high value vehicle, installation of Tracker is mandatory to avail our Car insurance cover.

I have more than one car; does this deal apply on all my cars?


I already have car insurance through Jubilee General. Can I avail this deal on my already existing car insurance plan?

You can avail this facility upon renewal of your current policy.

Are there any specific car models covered under my Car Insurance Plan?

All car models are included.

Which General Risks are covered under my Car Insurance Plan?

Risks covered under Car insurance include:

  1. Accidental damage by external means
  2. Fire, external explosion, self-ignition, lightning or frost
  3. Burglary, house-breaking or theft
  4. Damage caused by malicious persons
  5. Riot, strike, civil commotion and terrorism
  6. Flood, hail, wind, hurricane, cyclone, tornado or typhoon
  7. Earthquake, volcanic eruption, or other convulsions of nature
  8. Damage caused during transit by air, road, rail, inland waterway, lift or elevator

What are my eligibility criteria for availing Car Insurance Plan?

You must be a Jubilee Life Saffron Customer and the vehicle that you want to be insured should not be older than 7 years.