What are some of the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for customers?

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What is an endorsement?

Endorsement means the incorporation of changes / amendment / revision / alteration in the benefits, rates, age limit, Premium Due Date, Policy Expiry Date or changes in others terms and conditions in the Policy Document.

What is policy document?

The Policy Document is a legal contract which is also called the Master Contract embodying the agreement between the Policy Holder & Jubilee Insurance. This Legal Document is issued for a defined term.

What is premium bill?

Premium Bill is an invoice of the amount that the Policy Holder is required to pay to the Life Insurer, enabling the Insurer to provide life insurance to cover the Group of Employees/ Members of the Insurer.

Who is a policy holder?

A Policy Holder is the Company, Bank, NGO or any Organization, Society, Association, Union etc. that obtains Life Insurance Cover for the employees / members of that Corporate Entity.

What is corporate life insurance?

Corporate Life insurance is term life insurance that extends cover to a group of people usually employees of Companies, Banks, NGOs or members of a union or association for a defined period. It covers such Groups that exist for purposes other than to purchase insurance.

What are the steps to be followed for acquiring corporate health insurance?

Step 1: Submit data including ages, designations and benefits to be offered to employees.

Step 2: Submission of Proposal quoting Premium which is based on age band rates applied on the provided data of the company according to the required benefits.

Step 3: Send acceptance along with the payment of the Premium.

Step 4: Issue Healthcare Identification (HCI) cards and Policy Document.

What is corporate health insurance?

Corporate Health Insurance is an outsourcing of medical facility of the employees and their dependents by the Employer to the Insurance Company. It is universally acknowledged as best way to safeguard employee’s interest in the event of loss by illness or bodily injury.

How can I query via short messaging service (SMS) through my cellular phone?

You can query via SMS from your registered mobile phone number or you can simply type any one of the following QUERY CODES to get the instant information against your policy:

  • CV for Policy Cash Value
  • SCD for Sales Consultant Details
  • PRD for Premium Details
  • FNP for Fund Price Details
  • PSD for Policy Status and Details
  • HLP List of available quick query codes

Write JUBILEELIFE <space> QUERY CODE and your Policy Number. For E.g JUBILEELIFE CV 12345. Send your SMS to 8554 and obtain the desired information.

Can I query by using short messaging service (SMS) through my cellular (mobile) phone?

Yes! You can acquire information via SMS query system called as TEXT2ASK Service by typing JUBILEELIFE<space>Your Query & send it to 8554. However, before using TEXT2ASK Service, your cellular (mobile) phone number must be registered with us. To register your cellular (mobile) phone number with us, please submit Endorsement Request Form duly filled & signed by policy owner (in case of differ of policy owner & life assured, signatures of both are required).