Cardiac Savings Plan

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For a family the news of any family member suffering from a Cardiac ailment turns out to be stressful situation both emotionally and financially. The cost of procedures for treatment of such ailments is a high cost recipe. In times of inflation when health care costs are rising, cardiac diseases may not only lead to mental suffering for the family, but can also negatively affect the finances. If the cardiac disease results in an expensive diagnosis or procedure, the consequences can even be more severe and devastating.

That is why Jubilee Life introduces, Cardiac Savings Plan, a unique and exclusively designed Life Insurance & Savings plan for individuals who desire to safequard their family’s future through Savings for their future goals and Financial Insurance Coverage for future uncertainties. In addition to these benefits, the Cardiac Savings Plan comes with an additional Cardiac Financial Assistance benefit that allows the customer to avail upto Rs. 1 million of cash for various Major & Minor Cardiac procedures. The Cardiac Financial Assistance benefit will be provided in addition to the Savings & Insurance Coverage amounts under the plan.

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