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Group Pay Continuation

Death or disability of a breadwinner often means that the surviving family will have to face difficult financial times. Jubilee Life’s Group Pay Continuation is an insurance plan designed specially to provide monthly income benefit to the employee or the dependents of an insured employee in the event of an employee’s death or disability from the date of death to the date of retirement or up to a specified time period.

Group Provident Fund

This benefit pays an amount equal to or in multiples of the Provident Fund balance to the beneficiaries, in case of death or permanent disability.

Group Loan Protection

Jubilee Life’s Group Loan Protection insurance plan is designed specifically for banks/ financial institutions which provide Running Finance /Personal Loans to their employees. This scheme provides protection against outstanding loan balance to the insured in the case of death or permanent disability.

Critical Illness

In case, an employee is diagnosed as having one of the specified critical illnesses: Artery Surgery, Stroke, Cancer, Renal Failure etc. This benefit will advance the amount payable on death to assist the insured to pay off the expenses incurred against the treatment of critical illness.

Disclaimer: The above plans give a general outline of the available benefits. For further plan details and eligibility criteria you may consult our Corporate Insurance Department.

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